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Period Positive Workshop

Toowoomba, Bloom Holistic Collective, 13 March 2021, 1130am.

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Menstrual Cycle

Your Diva will learn that a woman’s menstrual cycle doesn’t begin at the start of her period and finish at the end of that same period. We will show and discuss the womans’ reproductive system and its process and purpose.

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The Journey

Your Diva will learn about the cycle and that from the start of her first period, through to the start of her next period is a journey and an opportunity to embrace her uniqueness

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Ebbs & Flows

Your Diva will learn why the woman’s body and emotions “Ebb & Flow”.  She will understand how to harness the ups and downs to bring herself back to a place of love & gratitude for her body and her soul

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Product Confidence

We will prepare each Diva to confidently know what period products are available, how to use them, and how to take care of herself when she ‘bleeds’

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A Hands On Experience

This workshop is hands on. The Divas will be asked to write, make and share. There will be activities to allow a creative and energised space.

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Rite of Passage

Older Divas will join the workshop towards the end and share something with their young Diva. This is a beautiful and scared moment, that symbolises the welcoming of each Diva into womanhood. 

Can’t Make the above workshop?

Not to worry we will have more coming up soon. 

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Hold old does the Diva have to be to attend the workshops?

At this stage the Hey Diva workshops are focused towards 9-12 years. However, if you feel your Diva is physically and mentally ready for this conversation earlier or even later please feel free to reach out and we can gauge whether this or the next workshop is right for her. Some Divas may be showing signs earlier and some much later, but typically 9 – 12 years is when the conversation and information is best asorbed and is closer to menarche. 

What should we wear?

Depending on our location we will most likely be sitting on the ground in a circle, so I encourage our Divas to wear something comfortable that allows her to sit modestly on the floor. 

What Should I Bring?

You will be emailed a list of what to bring depending on location, for example maybe a cushion or something comfy to sit on. We will have snacks and water will be available, however your Diva may like to bring her own water bottle.  All craft and writing material will be supplied. 

What do you mean by ‘Older Diva’ in the Rite of Passage?

Towards the end of the workshop we ask our Diva’s mother or female carer (older Diva) to join us for the rite of passage. This person can be any signficant woman – a mother, aunty, grandmother, family friend, carer etc. Ideally this is someone that has a strong amount of connection and influence in the younger Diva’s life. 

What if my Diva already has her period, can she still come?

First of all congratulations. Secondly, yes. Some Divas get their periods early and that’s ok. This workshop is very indepth, and will give her a better understanding of what she going through on a daily basis. This workshop is also a beautiful rite of passage for her, and a moment to allow her the right to feel confident and powerful in this new journey. 

Why is this better than school education?

Most schools will have period and puberty education in their curriculum. However, most often this is delivered in a very clinical type of format. Hey Diva workshops are a celebration of the journey, with hands on learning, in a safe space that allows them to engage with out embarrassment. We will also dive deeper in the phases of the menstrual cycle and teach them how to use it to reach their full potential. 

Do you have online classes?

Hey Diva hopes to have some adapted events online by the end of 2021. At this stage we are only providing in person events. Please sign up to our email list so we can keep you informed on when the online events start. 

Do you talk about Sex?

Nope. We will discuss the anatomy of the uterus and role of each part. We will reference ‘where the egg waits for fertilisation’ – but no sex talk. If any Divas ask, we will suggest speaking with their parents/carers. 

Grab a quick workshop tour

This free PDF gives a brief outline of the workshop and is a great tool to show your Diva what to expect during the workshop and also helps to get the conversation started.

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